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S01: E03: ADHD & Interrupting: Both Problem & Solution | ThinckFinck

November 13, 2020

ADHD Creator Featured in this episode: Jeremy Finck

Time Stamps:
(00:00 - 1:30): Podcast Intro & Topic Setup
(1:31 - 4:50): Why does Interrupting happen?
(4:51 - 8:38): Cognitive Hyperactivity (Massive Bombardment of Thoughts or Emotions)
(8:39 - 10:56): Two Experiences of One Conversation (We REALLY Care!)
(10:57 - 11:30): How To: Re-Interrupt the ADHD Person
(11:31 - 15:30): Underlying Neuro-Psychological Cause
(15:31 - 18:49): What Can We Do About This? A General Framework
(18:50 - 20:05): When you are the very intense person
(20:06 - 21:31): Developing the Awareness
(21:32 - 23:03): External Pattern Interrupt
(23:04 - 25:06): Internal Pattern Interrupt
(25:07 - 26:12): Communicating this to someone else ^in the moment^
(26:13 - 29:48): Tying it all together with Replacement Behaviors
(29:49 - 31:28): Be Patient with yourself!
(31:29 - 33:30): Real, Lasting, Effective Change
(33:31 - 38:17): Outro, Special Announcement & Disclaimer


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