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April 12, 2021


The ADHD Brains Radio Podcast (“Podcast”) is owned by ThinckFinck Media, LLC ("ThinckFinck"). This Podcast should be used for general informational purposes only. ThinckFinck makes no warranty, guarantee, or representation as to the accuracy or sufficiency of the information, comments, views, opinions, and recommendations featured in this podcast. Though we will attempt to be as honest and accurate as possible, ThinckFinck has no obligation whatsoever to provide any updates, amendments, changes or corrections to any of the information, statements, comments, views or opinions set forth in this Podcast

Jeremy Finck is not a doctor or a mental health professional and recommendations featured in this Podcast should not be construed as professional advice. Everyone’s situation is unique and you should not rely on any information presented in this Podcast until you consult your own doctor or healthcare professional.

Unless otherwise stated, any references made in the Podcast to any specific information, product, process, services, individual or organization should not be interpreted as an endorsement, approval, recommendation, or certification of the same.

The Podcast frequently references third-party articles and points of view. The views expressed in these articles are those of the article’s authors and their mentions on the Podcast does not imply an endorsement of those authors or any entity that they may represent or endorse. Similarly, the views expressed by guests of the Podcast are their own and any appearance on the Podcast does not imply an endorsement of any such guest or any entity they may represent. ThinckFinck assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy or completeness of any third-party materials or information referenced in this Podcast.

ThinckFinck expressly disclaims any and all liability or responsibility for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or other damages arising out of anyone’s use of, reference to, or reliance on this Podcast or the information presented in this Podcast.

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